Auto Wrecking

Action Auto Parts has the most modern dismantling shop, complete with lifts, parts cleaners, filtered coolant, recycled oil heat, new ceiling fans to move the clean air and heat and the latest in tire machines. Our newly renovated shop facilitates clean, efficient and safe service for our customers that allows us to sell quality products at low prices!

Buying used parts is a great way to help save the environment while also lowering the cost of these items. The employee’s at Action Auto Parts have years of experience in the automotive field, and are dedicated to providing our customers with a personal, reliable and cost-efficient experience.

Auto Recycling

We are a green, eco-friendly company. Every part of our cars and trucks are recycled, including the tires! Action Auto Parts is strongly committed to recycling and saving the environment. In order to do so, we first separate all parts from vehicles.

All the brass, aluminum and copper parts go one way, while steel and glass parts go another. The coolant is also resold, and the oil is used to heat the shop. Freon is also removed by a trained technician and then recycled.

Action Auto Parts was one of the first companies to remove the Mercury from automobiles in an effort to save the environment. All our tires are removed by a certified processor, while our steel and alloy wheels, core engines and transmissions are also recycled.